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Entrepreneur transformed ruins near Rozmberk weir into a holiday hotel/brewery

Translated by Milo Dvorak

18. 3. 2024

Business Newsletter #17+ Audio + Free Biz En Class

Published by E15 on 17 March 2024.

newsletter 17
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For hundreds of years, beer had been brewed here by the Rozmberks, the Svamberks, the Buquoys and the Schwarzenbergs. However, over the last few decades, this Rozmberk pride, situated directly opposite the famous castle, had fallen into disrepair. That was until a few years ago when South Bohemian entrepreneur Martin Neudörfl took over. From the ruins, he built one of the nicest hotels in South Bohemia, offering first-class cuisine and delight for all beer enthusiasts.

The first batch of beer in Rozmberk, just a few steps away from the square, was brewed in 1590. At that time, the Rozmberks obtained brewing rights from the king. Although the current owner of the brewery, Martin Neudörfl, did not have to ask the king for permission, he did have to exert considerable effort to reconstruct the dilapidated building that told a great story and held even greater potential, costing him more than 100 million. Not only a very decent water sports base was built right above the Rozmberk weir, which generations of water sports fans have descended, but also a charming holiday hotel, for which the upper Vltava region no longer has to be ashamed.

The new Rozmberk hotel only opened last July. The brewery is already serving its purpose and is awaiting a significant expansion of its portfolio. Currently, there are two types of beer on tap: an eleven-degree lager and a surprisingly light fourteen-degree top-fermented beer. Gradually, the brewery will introduce three more: a Pilsner-type lager, a "noble" wheat beer with fruity tones, and also a stronger raspberry beer called The Red Acorn (Červená bukvice).

The beer portfolio tries to continue the local tradition: throughout the brewery's history, weizenbier, or white wheat beer, was mainly brewed here and raspberries are a South Bohemian classic, after all, the popular raspberry fizzy drink comes from this region. The brewery restaurant also seeks to find its roots in the menu. Whether it's a genuine South Bohemian tartare, a brewery goulash from local ingredients, or perhaps an imperial shredded pancake and dumplings with vanilla cream – all the bakery products are made in-house.

A wellness center with beer spas will open here this autumn. In the cellar, there is going to be a brewery tour, full of explanations on beer brewing and the history of the house, two tasting rooms and spaces for corporate events. The brewery plans to brew far more beer in the future than can be consumed in Rozmberk alone, so it counts on exporting it to other picturesque locations in South Bohemia.

And it's not just about hard business or return on investment. Part of the sales from Rozmberk beer outside the brewery gates will help fund the restored Schwarzenberg Grenadier Guard. Moreover, this unit is led by the brewery owner's son, Martin Neudörfl junior. The temporal and personnel circle closes, and this truly South Bohemian classic will surely become an unmissable stop on tours through the local meadows and rocks.

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