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Most and Litvínov to Test A Slovak Hydrogen Bus Again

Translated by Milo Dvorak

12. 2. 2024

Business Newsletter #7

Good morning,

Here is this week's first Business Newsletter.

If you've been coming to my classes for some time, you might know that I have a soft spot for hydrogen from the time when I was doing business development at a company dealing with hydrogen fuel cells and other renewables, so I couldn't resist bringing this article to you when I read it.

Published by on 4 February 2024.

The testing operation will run for a week.

Orlen Unipetrol has reached an agreement with the cities of Most and Litvínov for the next stage of testing a hydrogen bus. It will operate on the routes of the Public Transport Company of the cities of Most and Litvínov starting Monday. The vehicle was developed by the Slovak company Mobility & Innovation Production.

The hydrogen bus was in operation in both cities last summer. Now, it will appear on the routes for the entire next week. "We expect that the successes achieved during the summer will be repeated during the winter tests. Once complete, we will issue recommendations regarding the possible inclusion of these buses in our fleet," stated the director of the transport company, Daniel Dunovský. According to the statement of Mayor Marek Hrvol, the city considers hydrogen to be one of the key tools for achieving decarbonisation goals.

Orlen provided the hydrogen bus for the test and financial support for the operation itself. "The hydrogen technology is an ideal complement to battery electromobility to support the development of low-emission and zero-emission personal, mass, and freight transport both on the road and on the railway," said Orlen Unipetrol's Tomáš Herink.

The low-floor electric bus with hydrogen fuel cells was developed by the Slovak company Mobility & Innovation Production s.r.o. It measures just under eight meters, has a capacity of 68 passengers, including 20 seating places. The fully air-conditioned bus can travel up to 350 km on hydrogen and an additional 100 km on the battery. The bus is powered by a Siemens Elfa electric motor with a total power of 125 kW and a torque of 1,019 Nm. The total capacity of the four hydrogen tanks is 10.5 kg, and refuelling takes 10 minutes.

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