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New Rules for AI Operations Approved. Groundbreaking Act Passed by EU Members

Translated by Milo Dvorak

23. 5. 2024

Business Newsletter #36

This short article slightly touches upon politics, but merely because of the long-awaited AI Act that seems to have taken shape. Since this newsletter is primarily about business and technology, sometimes, politics can't be avoided.

Published by on 21 May 2024

newsletter 36
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European Union member states definitively confirmed new rules for the operation of artificial intelligence (AI) on Tuesday, as reported by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU. According to experts, the AI Act is the first of its kind in the world and could influence similar regulations in countries outside the European Union.

The regulation introduces a classification of technologies based on their use and sets different levels of restrictions according to the associated risks. Some systems will be entirely banned by the EU, while other tools, such as facial recognition algorithms, will be subject to stringent regulation.

The new rules aim to ensure that artificial intelligence is trustworthy, safe, respects the fundamental rights of the EU's twenty-seven member states and fosters innovation. The approved regulation is a negotiated compromise between negotiators from the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, representing the individual member states.

The Act was approved at a meeting of EU ministers responsible for telecommunications. The Czech Republic was represented at the meeting by Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bartoš (Pirates). "The AI regulation establishes rules for the European Union and the use of artificial intelligence in a way that is beneficial to society and safe for citizens," Bartoš told Czech journalists. "Our goal is to ensure the rapid and dynamic development of artificial intelligence and its practical application," Bartoš added.

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